Think sustainably, act for the environment

Sustainability and ecology are extremely important to Siedle: Environmental protection is a key part of our corporate philosophy, as something of value in its own right. Siedle has had a certified environmental management system for around 25 years and is therefore a pioneer in the region. As a leader, we also have a duty and so we continue to take steps to make our business ever more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.


Quality and environmental management

At Siedle we do not merely pay lip service to environmental protection, quality and energy management. We are proud of our measurable success, but strive to achieve even more: through regular training and systematic integration of suppliers and service providers. And our processes are certified according to internationally applicable standards: since 1996 for our quality management and since 1998 for our environmental management.

Environmental report and certificates
Siedle: An (almost) perfect cycle

"Reduce, reuse, recycle"

In our Production and Logistics departments we do everything we can to avoid waste. Only if this is not possible, do we feed waste back into the materials cycle. Then qualified, specialist companies ensure that valuable raw materials are reused and other materials are recycled. In our Production department, we use materials which are durable, pollutant-free and reusable.

Siedle: Environmentally friendly and efficient

Sustainable production using green electricity

Siedle has been purchasing all its electricity from renewable energy sources for over 10 years. As a long-established company in the Black Forest, we believe that nature is our best source of energy. To manufacture our intercom systems at our site in Furtwangen, Siedle turns to energy partners who generate electricity from water, wind or sun. In doing so, Siedle is helping to ensure that our long-lasting intercom systems are highly sustainable, right from their production.


90% of packaging saved

Siedle has recently turned to film bags made out of a padded material in Dispatch. Compared to the tissue paper that was used previously, this results in material savings of around 90%, which means 45 less pallets of packaging material are delivered each year. The film bags are compressed and not filled with air until the packaging station. When it comes to production, they are also more sustainable than paper. It takes less energy to produce them and is easier on our air and water. What is more, they are partially made of plant waste and can be recycled with ease. Before they get to that point, the film bags often make several journeys as they can be used multiple times. 


Fair trade tin from South America

Tin solder is a key component in circuit boards. The raw material tin has to be imported – usually from afar. It is often mined under questionable working conditions. Which makes it all the more important to check its origins. Siedle has recently begun to purchase "Fairtin" from the first solder manufacturer to offer certified tin. The company handles over half a tonne of fair trade tin per year. It can be found in circuit boards which are integrated in door stations, indoor call stations and line rectifiers. By purchasing Fairtin, Siedle is supporting working conditions and more sustainable mining of raw materials in Peru.



Clean gas: CO2 neutral nitrogen

Nitrogen is ubiquitous: it makes up the majority of our air. Nitrogen is used in Production at Siedle for soldering and laser cutting. It ensures high-quality solder connections and protects the lens during laser cutting. Industrial nitrogen is cooled down and liquefied; this saves space during transport and storage. Siedle uses up to 200 tonnes of liquid nitrogen each year. Since 2017, Siedle has been purchasing CO2-neutral, TÜV-certified nitrogen. The nitrogen producer offsets any unavoidable emissions with climate protection certificates. Around 95% of the CO2 emissions arise during production of the gas. Siedle's supplier uses only electricity from renewable sources.


Durable and retrofittable: sustainable products

Sustainability also means producing products that last a very long time. And can be repaired or retrofitted if required. Siedle's door communication systems might not be indestructible, but they are incredibly robust and extremely durable. Many decades-old in-house telephones and intercom systems are still reliably performing their duties today. And if they fail or come to the end of their long service life, they can often be repaired or modernised with little effort. Our most recent example of this is the IQ in-house telephones, which enable existing systems from 1952 onwards to be extended with the Siedle app. Door calls are then received on your smartphone, without any structural changes.


In keeping with the UN sustainability goals

Siedle’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability is in keeping with the United Nation’s (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This includes promoting sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation (Goal 9), ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, environmentally-friendly management of chemicals and all waste throughout the entire life cycle (Goal 12) and combating climate change (Goal 13).

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Certified processes

Siedle has been using management systems for quality (DIN EN ISO 9001) and environment (DIN EN 14001) for some time.

Regular audits

Certificates are regularly renewed: Independent auditors check that the requirements of the standards are met.

Renewable energy

For many years now, Siedle has only used electricity from renewable energy sources such as water, wind or sun.

Siedle sustainability
Sustainable products

At Siedle, we think sustainably from production to the product; our intercom systems are durable and retrofittable.

Target-oriented commitment

Siedle’s commitment is in keeping with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.