Easy operation

Siedle products offer features which make life easier and safer for their users. We favour clarity over superfluous and frivolous complications. This results in systems which are suitable for everyday use and are easy to operate despite their complexity.


How we design

Whether usability or universal design: simple operation is a design principle. Siedle has always designed technology for people. For all people.

Siedle: Preferably self-explanatory

Preferably self-explanatory

We value the intuitive use of complex technology. Easy-to-recognise symbols and clear contrasts guide your hand to the correct controls. The buttons are large and easily accessible – no squinting or needle-like touches required.

Siedle: Accessible as a matter of principle

Accessible as a matter of principle

We avoid unnecessary complexity, designate functions based on their importance, and ensure that all responses are clear, following the essential principle of Universal Design. Our products can be used by many people, with and without disabilities, of almost any age – even without adaptation. In addition, we offer special solutions such as buttons with tactile braille and inductive coupling for hearing aids.

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Siedle: A watchful eye

A watchful eye

Stairs, corners, pillars, driveways – no entrance is the same. Our customers should be able to see who’s at the door at all times, including in unique spaces. Our range of cameras with different detection angles offer the flexibility that’s required. And thanks to the excellent image transmission quality of our perfectly coordinated systems, users never miss a single thing.

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Siedle: Situationsgerecht einsetzbar


Simplicity and flexibility are our guiding principles, including during installation. We offer suitable mounting methods for any kind of architecture: from free-standing columns at the entrance, to devices that are flush-mounted in the facade, to simple and protective surface mounting.

To our door stations
Siedle App von unterwegs kommunizieren

Your safe companion

Siedle customers don’t just answer door calls from the sofa or garden – they can also choose to answer them hundreds of miles away from their holiday villa. They see visitors and talk to them as if they’re at home. This mobility and safety-boosting feature is possible through the Siedle App, which turns iOS devices and Android smartphones into convenient video intercoms on the go. The connection to the Siedle server based in Germany provides a secure foundation.

Mobile door communication with the Siedle app
Siedle brand and design

Siedle design: operation and utility

Usability in the DNA: The "high utility value" is one of our brand values, and ease of use is a design guideline. Our brand portal explains the Siedle brand and the principles of Siedle design.

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