Siedle app: reactivating an account

Several users' accounts have been inadvertently decoupled. Background: Siedle systems regularly authenticate with the Siedle server for security reasons. This could not be accessed for several minutes as maintenance work was being carried out. Systems that wanted to carry out authentication during this period are affected by the current problem: If authentication does not take place, the Siedle server interrupts the connection to the linked mobile devices.

Affected users need to reconnect their mobile devices. Here we will show you how to do this.


Solution for the Siedle Smart Gateway

To reconnect the Siedle app to the Smart Gateway in a system, you need a QR code that can only be generated on the Smart Gateway's admin interface.

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1. Have the access data to hand

You need a username and password to log onto the Smart Gateway. The specialist company that installed the system will have stored this data or handed it over to the user.

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2. Log into the Smart Gateway

With the right access data, the specialist company that installed the system, the Siedle Service Specialist or experienced users themselves can log into the Smart Gateway – quickly and easily online.

3. Generate a QR code

A QR code is generated on the administration interface and can be sent to the Siedle app user as a PDF file. A separate QR code is needed for each mobile device.

4. Scan the QR code

The user scans the generated QR code with the mobile end device that they want to link to the system. The link itself is established quickly and automatically.

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Solution for Siedle IQ

Any user can easily link the Siedle app to a system in which Siedle IQ in-house telephones are installed.

A scan is all that's needed

To establish a connection to the system, all you need to do is scan the QR code that is printed underneath the receiver of the Siedle IQ in-house telephone. The Siedle app does the rest.

Siedle video tutorials
Installation videos

We've put together videos in our Service area which show you how to install the Siedle app. There are only slight differences for the 1+n and 6+n installation systems.

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Add further users

Siedle IQ in-house telephones are supplied with the user licence for four users – i.e. mobile end devices. These can also be re-added in just a few steps.

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