Siedle IQ BTS for In-Home

The Siedle IQ BTS in-house telephone makes audio door intercom systems in the In-Home bus mobile. In new or existing systems. In residential or commercial buildings. With little technical effort and at a fair price.


Mobile communication made easy in the In-Home bus – with IQ BTS

Millions of audio door intercom systems in the In-Home bus have been installed in existing buildings and they are a popular, low-cost option in new buildings. The Siedle IQ BTS for In-Home connects these with our app with ease, making mobile door communication possible for audio intercom systems, without a Smart Gateway or complicated installation or network configuration.

Siedle simple commissioning
Simple commissioning

When replacing older in-house telephones, the Siedle IQ BTS is commissioned using a simple teach-in process. Specialist knowledge is not needed. In the case of new systems, commissioning is carried out during initial programming.

Product information
Siedle App Icon
Connect in just three steps

It only takes three steps to connect the Siedle app to the door intercom system: Scan the QR code, connect a smartphone via Bluetooth and connect to the desired Wi-Fi.

App connection tutorial
Four licences included

Siedle IQ includes a licence for four users. Once the first smartphone has been connected to the IQ BTS in-house telephone, all further users are connected to the system via the first user's app.

Product information
Siedle app server located in Germany
Secure: Hosted in Germany.

Mobile door communication with Siedle IQ is secure in all ways: Our server is located in Germany; the IT processes behind the encrypted connection are certified according to ISO 27001.

Expert chat about data security

Siedle IQ for all systems

The IQ in-house telephone makes door calls mobile. For new systems. Or for existing systems from 1952 onwards.

IQ BTS for In-Home bus

In-house telephone for In-Home bus with Wi-Fi interface for mobile extension through the Siedle app.

IQ BTS product data
IQ HTS for 1+n

In-house telephone for 1+n technology with Wi-Fi interface for mobile extension through the Siedle app.

IQ HTS product data
HTA for 6+n

In-house telephone for 6+n technology with Wi-Fi interface for mobile extension through the Siedle app.

IQ HTA product data
The Siedle app – multi-talented software

The Siedle app is installed in just a few steps and offers mobile door communication in all buildings and systems.

Siedle app
Siedle IQ in-house telephone for all systems

Siedle IQ: the right additional supply

Siedle IQ in-house telephones require an additional power supply to provide a stable Wi-Fi connection. This depends on how many in-house telephones are installed in the system. Our video explains which is the best supply for a particular case.

Installing the Siedle app: quick and easy

This video shows how easy it is to set up the Siedle app for the Siedle IQ BTS.

Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.