Siedle Axiom highlights


Clear cut – intuitive operation

The newly-developed user interface is designed for optimum usability. When it comes to navigation, switching functions, messages or device settings, Siedle Axiom is intuitive to use. The generous diagonal size of the touchscreen ensures that symbols and function tiles are clear and unmistakable.

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Literally outstanding – the design

Siedle Axiom also features an impressive design. The clear lines and distinctive angles, low-profile housing and slender frame of the panel give the device its striking character. The design has won multiple awards – such as the Red Dot Award and the German Design Award.

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Ultimate convenience – customisation

Siedle Axiom offers multiple customisation options for exceptional convenience. Messages and switching functions can be labelled and positioned to suit your needs, while favourite functions can be arranged directly on the call screen. This could be for switching the outside light on or for announcements to all users – a highly practical option for companies.

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The model versions

Siedle Axiom comes in three colours, which are consistent across all components, regardless of the different materials used.

Our bus video panel is also ideal for sideboards, desks or reception counters. The table foot comes in the same three colours as the panel.

Siedle Axiom table-top version with receiver, signal white
Signal white

RAL 9003

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Siedle Axiom table-top version with receiver, black grey
Black grey

RAL 7021

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Siedle Axiom table-top version with receiver, pearl ruby red
Pearl ruby red

RAL 3032

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Table-top version

Table foot for conversion

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Intelligent through and through - usability

Two buttons for the key functions

Siedle Axiom’s clever user friendliness begins with its two classic buttons for the essential functions: speaking and opening the door. Its clear design prevents users from pressing the wrong button by mistake.

Full screen for complete security

As soon as the door bell rings, Siedle Axiom’s display shows who is at the door. Users can view the video feed in full screen mode to be sure who is there.

Touchscreen with all your favourites

Switching on the stairwell light, opening the garage door or the doormatic: Arrange your favourite functions as desired on Siedle Axiom’s start screen.

A seamless memory

When commissioning Siedle Axiom, messages can be saved and named individually. Incoming messages are shown in chronological order – with date and time.

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The key functions

The Siedle Axiom video memory stores a snapshot of each visitor with date and time. This data can be called up at any time or deleted in line with data protection regulations. The video memory can store more than 100 images.

Different ring tones can be set up on the Siedle Axiom for two door calls and three group calls as well as for one storey and one internal call. There are eleven ring tones to choose from. Including a chime.


Systems with Siedle Axiom can also signal the door call with a chime or a light, making it particularly helpful in noisy environments or for people who are hard of hearing.

No need to worry about missing a door call when switching off the ring tone on the Siedle Axiom. The status display and video feed continue to indicate incoming door calls. Missed door calls are saved in the video memory.

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Premium panel, convenient mounting

It's also quick, easy and cost-effective to fit Siedle Axiom. 

Installed in just three easy steps

For mounting Siedle Axiom 
1. Wire the connections in two loose terminal blocks. Insert the blocks in the mounting plate
2. Screw this plate to the wall
3. Snap the screen on there

Standard-compliant installation

Siedle Axiom is designed for the In-Home bus. The power supply and wiring are carried out according to standards, while the device itself features input terminals, such as for storey buttons.

Reliable programming

Siedle Axiom can be configured with the familiar programming software. An SD card is included in the scope of supply to transferring the data.

Quickly mounted on a table

For use as a table-top device, the video panel is easily screwed to the console which is available as an accessory. It comes with slip-proof rubber feet and a cable with RJ45 connector.

Product details

Enter the IP world with Siedle Axiom Gateway

Siedle Axiom + Siedle app

Digital networks and opening doors on the go

Door communication is going mobile with the Siedle app, bringing the door intercom system to your smartphone or iPad. This works with the Siedle Axiom Gateway - the model version for the IP world - and the Siedle Smart Gateway SG 150-0. A licence for connecting up to five mobile devices is included.


Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.