Security for logistics: Siedle Secure

The commercial building was already equipped with door communication and access control from Siedle when Wiha moved in. Siedle expanded the existing system to enable different access rights for employees and, most of all, to protect the warehouse goods.


Impressive day-to-day operation

The requirements: Logistics is all about security and flexibility. So immediate access to the access rights of its 160 employees and the time profiles of their numerous doors and nine loading gates is essential for Wiha, a Black Forest based manufacturer of hand tools and tool cases. The company must be able to carry out access control system administration themselves.

The Siedle concept: As the heart of the Siedle Secure product range, the Secure Controller integrates into the existing technology with electronic key readers: All Siedle products are backwards-compatible. Seamless retrofitting and modernisation is possible. The Secure Controller has plenty of capacity with 1,000 week profiles for doors and users each. Thanks to the commissioning wizard, no specialist prior knowledge is needed for installation. Administration is web-based and can be performed from any location.

The components: Siedle Secure Controller, Siedle electronic key reader, RFID transponder as key fob or in credit card format for all employees, readID One, the USB reader for quickly capturing the transponder data

What does the Building Manager say?

Gebhard Keller, Wiha
It's the whole package that counts

Gebhard Keller is Head of Building Management at Wiha. He looked at what access control solutions were available on the market and opted for Siedle Secure.

Siedle Secure
Simple commissioning

"The Secure Controller has a commissioning wizard. I can use this software to set up and configure the access control myself without the need for an expensive service."

Product data
Administration made easy

"I also manage the users and the switching and time profiles myself; we don't need any manufacturer support. The web interface is impressive in day-to-day operation."

Siedle Secure
Well equipped for the future

"We have got three Secure Controller directly networked, which is enough for the moment. It's good to know that the system can be extended so I know who I can turn to."

Siedle Secure

Everything you need to know about access control with Siedle Secure


Gebhard Keller; Head of Building Management, Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH, Schonach

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