Three buildings, ninety apartments, one access control system

A large, ambitious project has taken shape around the former Danish Distillers (De Danske Spritfabrikker) building from 1931: Spritten, the prestigious new quarter. The site, where red Rød Aalborg and green Høker Snaps used to be distilled, is now home to urban residential buildings with ultra modern infrastructure. Siedle has designed the door communication and access control system .


A complex system with central administration

The requirements: Multi-layered functionality is called for here – almost 300 users require different profiles to access the individual buildings, storeys and apartments. A cloud-based system is to facilitate booking of guest apartments and administration of the access control system must take place in the central administration office.

The Siedle concept: As the system control centre, the Siedle Secure Controller manages any number of users and up to 2,000 different access profiles; all access points are directly networked in the system. Administration is web-based, which means that user and system administration can be performed from any location. The cloud-based booking software is connected to the Siedle access control system via API interface, while the third-party smart locks for the storey doors are connected via the manufacturer's gateway. To maintain the cost effectiveness of this major project, Siedle Basic indoor stations are used.

The components: Siedle Secure Controller, Siedle Classic door stations with up to 48 bell buttons, custom-fit door loudspeaker, call display and status display, 90 Siedle Basic handsfree indoor stations and – as integrated third-party products – six card readers with code lock and Bluetooth, four standard card readers, 19 smart locks

Architecture: Sweco Danmark A/S and Årstiderne Arkitekter

​​​​​​​Installation of complete system: Erik Fals

Functions – completely needs-based

Doorbell, call display, code lock, card reader or the status display for barrier-free access – always positioned where desired, appropriate or necessary. Five different door stations were constructed for the Spritten housing complex.

Siedle status display
Basic: stylish, practical, low cost

The linear design of Siedle Basic picks up on the formal and functional character of the former factory. The low cost makes these indoor stations particularly attractive for large projects.

Siedle Basic
Open for integrative solutions

The Siedle Secure Controller works with the API interface and the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) which help the cloud/app-based booking system for the guest apartments to be integrated into the access control system.

Siedle Secure
Individual in colour and shape

Siedle paints the stainless steel front panel of the Classic design line in any RAL shade – in the case of the Spritten project these match the window and door frames, the colours of which represents the drink brands that were once made here.

Siedle Classic

Everything you need to know about access control with Siedle Secure

“The residential buildings in Spritten with door stations in the distillery's original colours are something very special.“

Per Jensen; Owner of Eric Fals A/S, EL-TEKNIK, Aalborg

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