SRH Holding

Kommunikationsanlage aus der Designlinie

SRH Holding (Heidelberg Rehabilitation Foundation) set out a catalogue of very specific barrier-free requirements. The facilities had to be accessible without problems for wheelchair users and visually impaired clients. A free-standing pedestal from the Siedle Steel range greets visitors approaching the main entrance. The integrated communication terminal clearly indicates from afar what its purpose is: the terminal is operated using a touchscreen user interface.

The communication terminal shown is an earlier version. 

Location: Heidelberg


Planning barrier-free building technology: BEC Blum Energieconsulting, Neckargemünd


Execution: euromicron solutions, Ettlingen

Siedle integrated a second communication terminal specifically for use by wheelchair users. Placed at the right ergonomic height, it allows operation from a seated position. By touching the screen, an alphabetically arranged list is accessed of all the employees. Pressing the name box initiates a call signal. The call is optically and acoustically signalled. Call button, intercom and electronic access control are positioned to be easily reachable both for visitors on foot or in a wheelchair.

For blind and visually impaired visitors, Siedle integrated a large-area call button with a raised Braille inscription.

At the ancillary entrances, Siedle concentrated all the functional features into two slender pedestals. A call display provides a selection list of employees; Two arrow buttons can be used to scroll up or down. The large-area button initiates a direct call and an integrated access control system ensures reliable identification of staff and visitors.

The Siedle Steel system is ideally suited to meet the special requirements of people with physical restrictions, offering wide scope for individual adaptation.